Monday, June 23, 2008

Free Thomas the Train

You can get a coupon here for a free Thomas Wooden Engine at Toys R Us. This coupon is good until July 5.
*Update: I have been hearing from some that Toys R Us has not allowed them to use the coupon. There have been others, though, who have had no problems at all.


  1. I just tried to go to this site and it comes up that it is not a valid page.

  2. There is a new coupon that is only good until 6/26 - Toys R Us yanked the other one and won't accept it!

  3. I tried to use this coupon today at my local store and they had signs at every register that due to an error the coupon was no longer valid. I am not happy. I figured I would let you all know just in case.


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