Thursday, November 10, 2011

Earn more swagbucks with swagbucks tv


I am looking forward to doing some Christmas shopping with my Amazon gift cards that I earned for FREE with swagbucks.  (New to swagbucks?  check out my Swagbucks 101 series here.)

Looking to earn some more swagbucks?  You can earn a lot by watching Swagbucks TV!

Here's the basic rundown of how Swagbucks TV works:

-Go to (signup for an account if you haven’t already) – then click on “Swagbucks TV” on the left hand side.

- Choose something to watch from the thousands of videos available in categories like Entertainment, Food, Fashion & Beauty and Homes & Gardens - each channel features content from different providers and can educate and entertain you while you earn.

- As you watch videos, the SBTV meter at the top right of the screen fills up.  After 10 videos, it will reach 100% and you will earn 3 Swag Bucks, with an overall cap of 150 Swag Bucks each day.

- You can share the videos with friends, and the link you send is referral enabled, which means it also serves as a way to get new referrals to Swagbucks!

Here’s a tip – whenever you are on the computer (even right now!), you could have a video playing in the background.  I spend a good bit of time online – researching deals, blogging, checking facebook or email, etc.  All during that time, I try to remember to keep a video playing and when it stops, click over and start another one.  Without much extra effort and no additional time, you could earn a nice quantity of swagbucks depending on how much time you spend on the computer!

So head over and start a video while you are catching up on the deals and printing coupons. Smile

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