Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mail Call!

I got some really fun stuff in the mail today:

1. A free book for our son. He gets a free book every month from the Cleveland County Partnership for Children. Find out at your local library if this program is available in your county!

2. A box full of samples and coupons from CVS. The only reason I can figure out that they sent it is that I emailed them recently.

3. Parenting magazine. (It was free, of course.)

4. A book I ordered from Amazon. I didn't have to pay for it because I used a giftcard I got for taking a survey. There are lots of good survey sites out there that either pay in cash or giftcards. One of my favorites is Survey Spot. I get survey invitations very frequently from them, and they pay anywhere from one to five dollars per survey. Most of the surveys I have taken have paid three dollars each. You can request payment if you have any amount in your account. I have received every single check I have requested from them.

5. A coupon for a free product from Mission. Go to their website, click "contact us", and there will be a place to click "coupon request." I was expecting a cents-off coupon, not a free item!

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