Thursday, June 18, 2009

$1.50 coupon for Starbucks Icecream!!

Go here to print a $1.50 coupon for Starbucks Icecream.
Yay! This is even better than the $1.00 one they had earlier. I am hearing some rumors about this being BOGO at Publix this week so would make it almost free there. Will have to confirm that and let you know. But I know that I did see this icecream at Publis priced at $2.99 in my area - so at full price after coupon it would cost $1.50. Cheaper than buying a drink at Starbucks for sure!


  1. Anyone have pricing info on this for various stores? Or even seen it?

  2. Wags had on sale for $2.99 about a month ago. With this coupon, was $1.99. This is worth every penny!!! VERY GOOD!!!! Need self control to eat it tho. LOL.

  3. They are $2.50 at my Wal-Mart (Birmingham AL)


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