Sunday, June 28, 2009

Great new E-book on Entertainment Books and get a free 2009 Entertainment book!

Do you buy and use the Entertainment coupon books? I have bought them in the past but haven't bought one recently. Well, after reading Julie's E-book on Secret of Entertainment - the best insider's tips and tricks to help you maximize the savings of your Entertainment Membership here I am ready to go out and buy one tomorrow! I will definitely be looking for a good deal on these in the future and pick up one for us to use. I liked her tips in the restaurant section and I didn't even know that you could print and do things online with your Entertainment membership! I also liked her suggestion, which someone had emailed me about regarding my vacation as well, of buying an Entertainment book for the area that you are going on for vacation. Especially if you are taking a high price vacation like to Hawaii, I can see where this could save you a good amount of money for an investment of $20 or less. So go here today and read her free E-book. Then click on the link above to get a free copy of the 2009 Entertainment Book that you can start using today - all for just reserving your copy of the 2010 book. This will also sign you up to receive a copy of the Entertainment book each year - unless you cancel.

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