Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crazy Coupon Capers

Finally I have a chance to share with you my shopping trips this week!

First CVS:

Total: 26.99
Used $5/$25 flu shot quiz coupon
(2) 2.00 Advil coupons
(1) 1.00 Advil CRT! yay!
(2) 2.00 Robitussin coupons
(1) $3.50 Glade coupon

Total after coupons: $9.49 (had to add a drink not pictured for $1.49 because all I had was a $10.00 ECB to pay)

so total $11.00 - paid $10.00 ECB's and $2.56 on CVS GC ($1.00 was drink, $1.56 was tax!)
Got back $16.99 in ECB's for a $6.99 moneymaker!

Publix (this week's sales)

A slow week at Publix this week but the chocolate milk was a good deal and I needed some for a breakfast I need to do at church tomorrow. And I needed the bag of candy for work and it was good deal at BOGO at $10.99 = $5.50 each then used the $2.00 printable coupon from to pay $3.50 for a huge $11.00 bag of candy!

Total: $36.99
Used $5/$25 Rite Aid competitor coupon
Used (8) $0.50 coupons doubled to $1.00 for Yakisoba meals (gives my $0.11 overage on each one since they only cost $0.79!)
Used (4) $3.00 Publix manf. coupon for Glade candles (paid $0.19 each @ coupon)
Used $0.55 coupon for butter
Used $2.00 candy coupon
for a total of $27.55 in coupons
I paid: $9.44!

Have I said before that I love Publix!

Here's my shopping trips from Publix on the sale that ended on Tuesday:

All the snuggle and toothpaste were FREE after coupon, the pancake mix was $0.10 after coupon, again the candles were $0.19 after coupon, and the rest was partially paid for with my $5.00 Rite Aid competitor coupons. This was done in 2 transactions.

Total for both transactions: $57.91
Since I have started couponing, I sometimes think - who would actually pay $57 for all this stuff! Not me!

Used (2) $5.00 competitor coupons
Used $36 in other coupons
I paid total for both transactions: $11.91!

I needed the Hello Kitty kids dinnerware for a birthday gift for my niece. Just those things alone cost $15.17! So it is like I got $3.26 off my birthday gift and got all the above groceries for FREE!

So how did you do this week? Did you get to take advantage of any great sales out there?


  1. I completely agree with the whole "who would pay $57 for this??" - I feel the exact same way!

    The other day while at CVS the person in front of me had their total come to over $120 - I had watched the transaction take place and the whole time I was thinking "My total MAYBE would have come to $15 OOP! There is no way I would have paid that amount."

    Although that very well could have been me just last year :)

  2. You did great. I dont have a Publix or a cvs near me but i love seeing how other do so great their.


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