Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday Sustenance

"Delight thyself also in the LORD: and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart."
Psalm 37:4

I have claimed this verse as my life verse as the Lord has used it at different times to work in my life.

Let's talk about the last part first - "...He shall give thee the desires of the thine heart."

This does not mean that I can just ask God for anything and everything that I want and He will give it to me! It means much more than that.

If my heart is in tune with God, He will give me the actual desires that I have in my heart. Does that make sense? If I am close to God then my desires will match His desires. I won't desire all material or ungodly things, but only the things that will continue to draw me closer to God. My desire should be to know, love and serve God! Then even the physical day to day things that I desire will be things that will get me closer to the goal of knowing, loving, and serving God. Examples: I will desire to go to church and be involved in church = knowing Him more; I will desire to read His word and pray= knowing/loving God more; I will desire to witness and minister to others = serving God more.

When I desire what God wants and wills, God enjoys giving me the desires of my heart.

But don't forget there is condition to getting the desires of my heart - the first part of the verse - "Delight yourself in the Lord..."

Here's some definitions I found for the word "delight" - make happy, to please greatly, be pleasing to.

Wow! Can I say that I make God happy or that I am pleasing to God? What about you? We can only do this when our lives and hearts are so in harmony with our Savior that our only goal is to be more like Him. Our delight must be in the Lord, and Him alone.

I have been struggling recently with being discouraged because I have some unfulfilled "desires" that I know that Lord has given me. I don't know why He has given me these desires and not fulfilled them yet, but I will leave that up to Him. I was confronted with the first part of the verse which is my job right now - "Delight myself in Him..." I have a lot more work I can do in that area while I am waiting for God to work. And maybe that is what He is waiting on! Maybe He is waiting for me to truly delight in Him and only Him and learn to know, love and serve Him more.

How about you? How is the Lord working in your life? I love to read your emails and comments of how God is working in your life.

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