Tuesday, July 25, 2000


Current deals are posted by:

here at Centsible Savings

Fiddledeedee! (Sarah has several Publix posts, so I've sent you to her homepage. Make sure you look at all of them!)

Homeschooling Four
Proverbs Wife

Publix coupon policy:

1. They accept internet coupons, except for coupons offering a free item.
2. You may use one store coupon and one manufacturer's coupon per item.
3. Some stores accept competitor's coupons. Check with your local store.
4. You may use two coupons on a BOGO sale.


  1. Make sure to add Jenny to your Blog for Publix, she does a swell post!!


  2. I think (??) I linked here from MoneySavingMom.com, which I like in theory *but* the prices are never accurate for Florida....I second the comment re: http://www.SouthernSavers.com ~ THAT is the blog that provides a great 'sneak peek' of Publix deals, before GroceryGame.com is updated on Sundays.

    Glad that I found YOUR blog, though!


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