Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Hi, I am Christina!  I love all things frugal - coupons, buying things secondhand, decorating my house on a budget, and frugal meals!  I started writing this blog in April of 2009 because I wanted to be able to share with others how they can save money and live better!

I grew up in a very frugal home with a stay at home mom, who home schooled myself and my brother and sister, shopped at thrift stores for our clothes, and stretched our food budget by making many yummy homemade meals using eggs from our chickens!  So being frugal was in my blood.  :) 

After getting married in 2003 to my wonderful husband, David, I tried to learn how to to manage our home and cook good meals while sticking to our grocery budget.  I always used a few coupons at the store, but had no idea how much more I could actually be saving!  In January of 2007, a friend challenged me to try out "The Grocery Game."   I still remember my first shopping trip to Publix with my huge stack of coupons in hand.  I think I skipped out of the store with my 7-8 bags of groceries that I had gotten for less $20!! I was immediately hooked and took on couponing and stockpiling with a vengeance. If my poor husband only knew what was about to happen – our pantry quickly became full, I found and purchased a second freezer that was filled in a matter of weeks, and our linen closet became a small drugstore! By that summer I had reduced our grocery budget of $80-100 a week (spent at Wal-mart) down to less than $50 a week (spent at Kroger and Publix) and I was getting more food and brand name foods for less money!

Along with getting great deals at the grocery store, I learned how to play the "drugstore game" at CVS.  I literally get all the items that my family needs (shampoo, toothbrushes, deodorant, toothpaste, hair supplies, razors, and much more) for FREE at CVS.  

As I shared with others my savings, they were anxious to learn how to coupon as well.  I considered starting my own blog.  But then Mary Ellen decided to step down from writing Centsible Savings, and it worked out perfectly for me to take over writing here!  I really do enjoy blogging and love hearing from you, my readers!

In December of 2009, I was introduced to the world of Do-it-Yourself, Frugal Home Decorating blogs and I was seriously in LOVE!  I am a homemaker at heart who loves to cook, bake cakes, entertain, and make our house into a home.  BUT, I never knew the amazing things you could do with spraypaint, simple household items like coffee filters, and how you could make Goodwill/yardsale furniture look beautiful!  This is when I started sharing my Décor on a Dime projects and it became an instant hit!

When I am not deal shopping or blogging, you can find me catching up my favorite décor blogs, taking trips/spending time with my husband, working on a DIY project around the house, baking/decorating a cake, reading, or serving at my local church.

I hope you enjoy reading!  Want to keep up with the latest deals?  You can subscribe by email, add Centsible Savings to your reader, or join me on facebook or twitter.

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  1. Hi Christina. A dear friend told me about your site and I have to tell you "I LOVE IT!" I know of a dozen or so free shipping sites for online ordering and thought maybe your readers would appreciate knowing these sites.
    These are a few..I have more if you would like them.
    I use the first two alot and usually can find free shipping for most anything.
    Thanks for your site..its very good.

  2. Hi Christina, I have been following your blog for a while now and especially love your 'decor on a dime'. It's crazy how cool things can become even without spending a lot of money. I write at Real Life Deals ( and have been blogging about ways for people to pursue their hobbies/passions while staying on a budget. I wondered if this might be something you want to take a look at and possibly share with your readers in a guest post? Thanks for taking the time to look! and thanks again for your hard work! Love it! Sharon

  3. Hi Christina,
    I have been following your site for a while now and love it. Just wondering if you have any plans of sharing some of your frugal meal recipes? Not sure if you know this but the link above for frugal meals goes to your second hand deals page. If this is a mistake and you do have a page with your frugal meals I would love see them since that is my weak spot.

    Thank you for a wonderful site!

  4. Lane,

    don't have your email so can't email you back. I fixed the link above - thanks! and check out my weekly menu posts here -

    and some recipes I have posted here -

    and here -


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