Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crazy Coupon Capers: Triple Coupons

I love triple coupons! I usually go first thing Thursday morning when they start before things go out of stock, but I wasn't able to go until Thursday evening. I was happy because nothing I wanted was out of stock! Here's what I got:

The grand total? $3.48. My receipt says I used $53.34 worth of coupons! That's pretty incredible!

So how did you do this week? Did you get any great deals with your coupons or have any interesting experiences? Leave a comment or a link and let me know!


  1. where do they have triple coupon days?

  2. That's amazing! My stores never triple coupons. They haven't done any super double or super triple events for years.

  3. I went to Walmart and I had a coupon for $4 off dog food and some other coupons. The register messed up and in the end the computer doubled all of my coupons. So I got like a $9 bag of dog food for about $1.50. I will never get that lucky again!!

  4. Just realized you live near me and work full time as a teacher with Trisha D. from my church. Thank you for all you do. You started me on my journey in saving money. I just facilitated a class at my church to teach people to do the same- referred them to your website (as well as some others). We had over 200 people attend, so hopefully you have noticed an increase in hits since Thursday. have a great week!

  5. Sarita,
    The triple coupons are at Harris Teeter. I don't know of many grocery stores that have those kinds of promotions, so it's really nice that I live near one that does!


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