Thursday, December 3, 2009

FREE photo cards offer still going! - Photo Sharing & More!

I have great news!! Remember the offer I posted here for 100 custom photo cards you could get for shipped to you for FREE? I was a little disappointed that I didn't get my tree up and a picture taken in time to take advantage of it. But I checked it today and THE OFFER IS STILL GOOD!

You can now get 50 photo cards for FREE but you must pay shipping this time of $3.19 for all 50 cards. That is only $0.06 each! Great deal!!

Here's how:

  • Go here to create an account at SeeHere.

  • Then upload your photo and create a photo card. Make sure to save your card.

  • Add 50 photo cards to your cart and checkout using coupon code "newbaby" to get all 50 FREE (just pay shipping of $3.19).

I am reading that people are getting these cards in a week or less so you still have plenty of time to get them and mail them in time for Christmas.

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