Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Christmas gift idea for "Couponers"!

This a post that you need to forward to your husband as a hint for what you want for Christmas!

Julie, from Couponizer, sent me The Couponizer to review and try out a few weeks ago. I have to say, I was a little skeptical about how much use I would be able to get from it because I follow the method of filing my inserts by date and only cutting coupons that I need for that week's shopping. But even with that method there are still loose coupons that I cut and don't end up using that I don't know what to do with! They usually ended up in various white envelopes floating around in my purse. And if I needed a coupon that I knew I had cut, I would have to dig through the entire envelope to find it. Well, The Couponizer has solved all of that!

Here is what it includes:
  • 18 grocery categories coupon pockets,

  • 4 generic coupon pockets,

  • 3 gift card/shopper loyalty sleeves (for your CVS, Kroger card, etc.

  • Shopping pockets - places to put the coupons you plan to use this week

  • Shopping List – 20 page tear off list pad with cardboard backing

  • CoupStackerPre-sorting mat color coded to match the system pockets

  • CoupTracker – 15 page spiral bound list pad with cardboard backing

  • Scissors – blunt tip

  • Carrying Bag – clear vinyl zippered bag

So now when I don't end up using a coupon that I cut, I file it in the corresponding category. And when I need it later, I know right where to find it!

If you are a "clipper" ( meaning you cut every coupon and carry them all to the store with you), The Couponizer would be a great tool for you! It is compact and yet has lots of categories and pockets to fit your needs.

Ok, so here is the best part: Julie has agreed to let any Centsible Savings readers that would like to order the Couponizer do it for a discount! The Couponizer normally costs $19.95 plus shipping and handling, but she has discounted it to $18.00 plus s/h. Go here to her website to order yours today!

If you didn't want it for a Christmas present, this would be a great tool to help you get some of your New Year's resolutions of being more organized done!


  1. I would like to leave a comment about this item... I love and hate it at the same time... I have had two as well as bought them for friends... perfect for orginization BUT falls apart too quickly, the back page is always falling off requiring it to be put back together and it is made of a thick paper that becomes worn and then not able to rethread it onto metal ring. I do like you do, file my weekly adds and store and cut items for the next weeks sales,things i do buy or that i know typically will end up free, so it is pretty full. I would love this to be made of plastic and possibly have sections for this weeks sales with options for 4 stores... I would be willing to pay more for one that lasts. :)

  2. Good Morning!!! is one of the most outstanding informational websites of its kind. I take advantage of reading it every day. rocks!

  3. Thank you to all that have contacted me to purchase a Couponizer after reading this review. This product does not replace a filing system for those who do alot of clipping. I would say it is for the small to medium user who may use the clipless method. It would not be uncommon to have an empty or nearly empty Couponizer after a shopping trip.
    With all the sections, it would take alot to overstuff the pages and that would not be using it effectively in my opinion. The sections for retail, restaurant, services, register rewards, and a page of reciepts, make it useful for many of your needs beyond groceries. I can still get them mailed in time for Christmas delivery and all payments are taken cared of through Paypal. Thanks to Centsible Savings for the review. There will be lots of happy clippers on Christmas morning. :)

  4. Anonymous seems to have the first version of the Couponizer. The one we sell now has a plastic cover and plastic back page for durability.


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