Saturday, December 19, 2009

Paypal cash on sale for 59 Swabucks! Limited time - hurry!

Ok, so I just went to redeem some more of my swagbucks for giftcards but I had already maxed out my Amazon giftcards. :( (You can only order 5 of each prize each month, and 2 prizes each day.)

So I started browsing and found they had a few other good ones on sale right now

$5 Paypal cash usually costs 190 swagbucks, making the $5 Amazon giftcard for 45 swagbucks a much better deal! But the $5.00 Paypal cash is on sale right now for 59 swagbucks! I scored my two for the day and if the deal is still going tomorrow, I will probably order more.

Hurry and gets yours because I am not sure how long this will stay on sale.

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  1. They are marking down one each day according to their blog. They marked down the $5 Amazon one a few days ago. Check their blog each day to find out which one is marked down.


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