Monday, January 17, 2011

FREE Vistaprint calendar from Eversave!!!!

Here’s an awesome deal for you! 

Eversave is featuring a personalized photo calendar from Vistaprint for $1.00 as one of their saves right now. 

Now, you can usually get a lot of Vistaprint products for free (maybe even a calendar) BUT you have to pay the full shipping cost on them.  With this deal on Eversave, you get 50% off all shipping methods (lowest cost shipping at 50% off would be approx. $2.85.)  Plus you can get 30% off any other Vistaprint products that you purchase and still use the 50% off shipping!

Even better, if you are a new member to Eversave, you will automatically receive a $2 new member credit that you can use to buy this $1 deal making it FREE! 

Here's how to get this deal:

  • Make your purchase by 1/18/11 -- total should be $1 if you're an existing member or FREE if you're a new member!
  • Your Vistaprint voucher/coupon code will post immediately to your account!

Even if have to pay the $1 for the deal (assuming you don’t have the $2 credit), you would be saving $2.85 on shipping versus just getting the calendar free from Vistaprint and paying up to $5 for shipping.

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