Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What to expect in 2011

The start of a new year brings about the urge to make New Years Resolutions.  And those resolutions usually don’t last past the last week in January (if that long!)  :)

I prefer to set goals, or make lists of things I would like to accomplish.  Of course I have personal and spiritual goals, I also have goals for my home and for my blog.

So here are my goals for Centsible Savings in 2011:

*Share our weekly menu.  That means I actually need to make a written menu (one of my personal goals!) so this will help me in two areas!  Some of you have requested this and I hope to bring it back on a weekly basis.  Look for it on Mondays.

*Share recipes, especially frugal ones.  One of my personal goals is to try 1-2 new recipes a month.  I have recently just been in a rut in the kitchen!  I enjoy cooking but work, time, and planning often prevent me from enjoying it and doing it as much as I should.  So look for some new recipes, along with some tried and true family recipes that we enjoy.  Hoping to make this a weekly feature.

* Post my shopping trip photos/totals for that week.  I know this can be an inspiration for some to see what you can get for little money.  So I plan to regularly post my grocery shopping trip photos (and maybe even CVS trips too) on Saturdays.

* Publish more Décor on a Dime posts.   The Décor on a Dime posts were some of my favorites to post, and seemed to be some of your favorite to read!  I have been busy working on some projects, especially some re-organizing/clutter cleaning, and hope to bring you weekly Décor on Dime posts.

* Develop some series and more in-depth posts.  I have a few topics that I would love to write and develop into a series such as how to begin blogging, how to build a stockpile, furnishing/decorating your home on a budget, and an in-depth series on how to begin couponing.  Any topics you would like me to cover or a series that would help you?

* and of share all the best deals that pop up too!

Look for all these features to start this week and next.  I have many more exciting ideas and changed I would to make so stay tuned and thanks for reading Centsible Savings!

What is your goals for 2011?

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