Thursday, April 3, 2008

How to make $1.02 at Wal-Mart

1. Buy Zantac Cool Mint at $3.98. (This is the regular price, so you can do this anytime.)

2. Use this coupon for $5 off.

3. Enjoy your $1.02 overage!

Found on the message boards at Hot Coupon World.


  1. An overage!! Just what I needed. I have to go buy some more cresent rolls for my taco rings tomorrow night (unexpected company - uhhh!) Thanks!

  2. I went yesterday before I picked up my daughter and it worked. Some people on Hot Coupon said their cashiers wouldn't allow the overage. I bought some buddies (free), zantax (overage), Bertolli meals (2.50 coupon each), and just a drink because I was thirsty thinking I wouldn't get the overage- HA HA! Mine worked so I think maybe it's the cashier and the store you go to. Like you I have never had an overage problem at Walmart they just take it and scan it never saying a word. On that note I never just go in a buy something for free I always have something else so it wont kick it back. I'm one of those that would get embarrassed if goodness forbid the cashier was loud about it :-)

  3. They wouldn't let me use the coupon! I was disappointed...anyone know the policy on this? I even asked them to adjust down the coupon and they wouldn't.

  4. katyshops,
    It really depends upon your store and your cashier. If you're brave enough, you might want to try again with a different cashier. One lesson I have learned the hard way is this: DO NOT TRY IT AT THE SELF CHECK-OUT. It will not go through, and the attendent will come over there, and act like you are trying to do something wrong and that's why you're at the self check-out, etc., etc., etc. So give it another shot if you want! I try to go to the same cashier every time who I know will not give me any trouble.


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