Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thrift Store Shopping

Twice a year there is a children's consigment sale in the next town over. I needed some summer clothes for my son, so I decided to head on over there. Of course I waited until the day when everything was marked 50% off. I found a lot that I liked, but didn't really buy much because I am too cheap frugal to even pay $1.50 for something that is used. The building where the sale is held just happens to be adjacent to the Salvation Army thrift store. After the sale was over I headed over to the Salvation Army and, lo and behold, a lot of the very same things I looked at at the consignment sale were hanging on the racks in the Salvation Army. AND... it just so happened that it was half price day at the Salvation Army. I got shirts for $.55, pants for $.65, and rompers for $.80. I was excited! Maybe none of you really care how much I paid for my kid's clothes, but I do, and it's my blog, and I'm excited, so I'll blog about it whether you really wanted to know or not! All this for $11.40
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  1. Great deal on those clothes, you should be proud.

  2. Whoo Hoo! I'll be excited for you. I get such a shopper's high to get deals like that too. Good Job. We have a Consignment Sale in our town like that and I do really if you consider that I sell my 3 kids clothing there as well, I usually break even or make a little, but I always make at least the amount that I spend!! I get clothes for 3 kids for that season for under $100, including shoes, and some toys and fun stuff too.

  3. What great deals! I, too, love thrift store/consignment shopping. While I am not as frugal as you (yet!), I do try to buy the majority of my sons clothes used. Hand-me-downs are great, too! It just seems silly to pay so much for clothes that will be outgrown in a few months.


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