Saturday, April 19, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

I got two weeks worth of groceries this week:

It's hard to see everything so I'll list everything I got.

6 loaves of French bread
4 packets cornbread mix
1 pack outlet safety covers
10 jars baby food
1 pack travel wipes
2 bags Ore Ida potatoes
2 bags onion rolls
1 bag kaiser rolls
2 bags shredded cheese
1 package bacon
5 cans vegetables
2 bags Kraft LiveActive cheese
1 cantaloupe
1 can nuts
1 can Pringles
2 packs flour tortillas
1 pack celery
1 bag romaine hearts
2 packs strawberries
5 lbs. potatoes
1 cucumber
1 lb. butter
2 bags M & M's
5 apples
1 loaf Arnold whole wheat bread
1 pack green onions
1 trial size Degree deodorant

My total for everything was $33.69. That comes out to $16.85 for a week's groceries. However, I spent about $24 on meat earlier this week. The meat should last us for a month, so that comes out to about $5.26 per week for meat. $16.85 plus $5.26 is $22.11 for a week's groceries. My goal is $25 a week, so I'm doing okay. Our budget is $150 per month, but that includes going out to eat. If I keep the actual groceries at around $100 a month, we don't have to feel like we can't ever go out.

I went to Food Lion to take advantage of the deals there, then I went to Aldi to finish up. Of course I had to go to CVS too to get my M&M's for $.15 a bag! I went to Wal-Mart to get my free Scotch-Brite toilet scrubber, but they were all out. I got the trial sized Degree there because I had a coupon for $1 off any Degree that was about to expire, so I figured I'd see if they'd let me use it on the $.97 trial size. The cashier stared at the coupon for a loooong time, and I was thinking there was no way she was going to let me use it. Finally she just shrugged her shoulders and pushed it on through. Thank you, Wal-Mart, for paying me $.03 to shop there!


  1. I also had a great Food Lion Shopping trip. I plan to go by another Food Lion this evening to take advantage of more deals. And our store had TONS of Gerber sippy cups, and other accs. on clearance for $ they were free. I got my toddler an insulated straw sippy cup for summer for FREE! Whoo Hoo! Thanks for posting all the FLion links!

  2. Great job! We're considering moving this summer. First thing I did was look to see if there was an Aldi's - lol! We're so neglected down south.

  3. Very impressive! Especially with a little one.


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