Monday, July 21, 2008

CVS Moneymakers for 7/20 - 7/26

Now that the CVS $3/$15 is expired, here's another way to make a little money this week.

The L'oreal Vive Pro products are BOGO this week. Using the BOGO coupon from the 7/13 S, you should get both free. But since you may use 1 coupon per item purchased, you should also be able to use the $1/1 from 6/8 or 7/13 S to make $1 on each set of 2. You are using the $1 coupon on the one you are "buying", and the BOGO coupon to get the other one free. Just make sure to give the $1 coupon first, otherwise it will beep because the store BOGO will have taken off the one, and the BOGO coupon will have taken off the other, and then there will be no item registered for the $1 coupon to attach to.

Also, the Trident Xtra Care single packs are BOGO. Using the BOGO coupon from the 7/20 S, you should get both free. There was a $.75/1 in the July All You magazine. If you use both the $.75/1 and the BOGO, you should make $.75 on every two that you buy. There is also a monthly deal where if you buy two Trident you get $1 ECB. My experience in the past has been that when there is a BOGO sale on a monthly ECB deal, usually the BOGO messes up the computer to where the ECB doesn't print. I wouldn't be surprised if the ECB will only print for every 4 that you buy. The 2 free ones probably won't count towards the ECB. If anyone tries, I'd like to know what happens.

Depending on how many of these items you buy, buy enough extra to cover the overage. You could buy anything that would equal that amount, or you could buy something else that would give back ECB's.

For example, here's what I will probably do:

4 Loreal products = $9.98
4 Trident gums = $2.98
2 Glade Scented Oil refills = 4.98
1 filler = $.52
Total = $18.46

Minus 2 $1 Loreal coupons = $16.46
Minus 2 BOGO Loreal coupons = $6.48
Minus 2 $.75 Trident coupons = $4.98
Minus 2 BOGO Trident coupons = $2.00
Minus 2 Glade $1 coupons = $0.00 plus tax

Pay $0.00 plus tax and receive 2 ECB's for the Glade and 1 or 2 ECB's for the Trident.

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  1. Yesterday I bought 10 Trident with the BOGO deal and used 5 BOGO MF coupons and I got 5 ECBs in return. It appears that the CVS system will recognize all of them.


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