Saturday, July 26, 2008

Great Deal at

Amazon is offering a free 1-month trial membership of Amazon Prime, plus you will get a $10.00 credit on your next order. (Amazon Prime gives you free 2-day shipping.) I normally don't do trial offers because I'm afraid I'll forget to cancel them, but this is easier than easy! After you sign up for your free trial, log into your account, and click the button that says "do not upgrade automatically". Your free trial will automatically cancel after a month. There are plenty of things you can order for $10.00 and under that you can get for free! Just put what you want in your cart, and when you get to the checkout, your $10.00 credit should show up there. Go here to sign up.
(Hurry, though; this offer is only good until July 28th. Also, this offer is only for new Prime subscribers.)


  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. For those who buy many many stuffs from amazon, prime membership is worth for its value. But for others, take advantage of coupons and discount search is enough. Here is a amazon discount search engine.
    Wish you like it.

  3. If you have a prime membership, you can search for "Prime Only" items at

  4. is another great site for searching Amazon for Prime Eligible items.


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