Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Savings This Week: A Shopping Marathon!

I did some serious shopping this week! Can you believe I did all this in one day? No wonder I was so tired when I got home!

My first stop was Harris Teeter for triple coupons!!! I got the sour cream coupons off ebay because I knew they'd give $.45 overage a piece. I got 11 of those, and I already gave 3 away. I've got plenty more if anybody needs it! Everything you see was either free or free plus overage. The only thing that wasn't free was the peaches which were $.99 lb. I got about 7 lbs. of peaches and paid $1.09 for all this!

My next stop was at Rite Aid. Here's the rundown:

2 Dove shampoos = $4.99
2 Revlon emery boards = $1.25
1 pack drink mixes = $.99
Total before coupons = $7.23
Minus $1 Rite Aid Dove coupon
Minus (2) $2 Dove coupons
Minus (2) $1 Revlon coupons

Total after coupons = $.23 plus tax

Plus, I'll be getting a $3 rebate!

Next stop: Walgreens

All I got was 3 (yes, 3, obviously one is not pictured) packs of mechanical pencils for $.05 each.

Next I ran into CVS to use my lone Trident BOGO coupon. I would have had more, but I only got one paper because all the other papers were missing their inserts.

Total = $.10, and received $1 ECB

Next I went to Wal-Mart. I used my $2.00 Just Bunches coupon, some of my $3.00 Planters coupons, my $2.00 LiveActive cheese coupons, and my free Taste Escapes coupons. I also got some other things I needed. My total there was $14.11

After Wal-Mart I went into Food Lion. The juice was $2.00 after using the Food Lion $1 printable, I got 2 lbs. of strawberries and a pound of grapes by using the $2/$5 produce Food Lion printable, and free baby wipes and baby food with Food Lion printables. The cheese I got just because I needed it. I also got a frozen pizza to pop into the oven when I got home because I knew I'd be too tired to cook. My total was $14.23

Next I went to the other CVS because sometime during the course of the day I realized that I had let $20.00 in ECB's expire! Thankfully they are really nice there about letting you use them expired, but I didn't want to let them be any more "expired" than they already were, so I went ahead and used them. Thankfully it was a perfect week to need diapers!
1 pack of diapers = 11.49
1 Bic razor = 6.99
1 pack razor cartridges = 6.99
1 pack CVS pads = .99
1 bar CVS soap = .79
2 Trident gums = 1.49
1 gallon milk = 3.99
Total before coupons = $33.23
Minus $1 Huggies coupon
Minus (2) $4 Bic coupons
Minus $2 skincare coupon
Minus $.75 Trident coupon
Total after coupons = $21.48
Used $21 in ECB's
Total oop = $.55
Received back $6.99 in ECB's

Finally, I went to 2 different grocery salvage stores.

At the first store I paid $18 for all this. A rough estimation of what I would be willing to pay for this stuff at the grocery store with sales and coupons values it at around $45.00. That's a savings of $27.00, not off the regular price, but off sale price with coupons!

At the 2nd store I paid $20.00 for all this. A rough estimate of what I would be willing to pay for it values it at around $25.00. Not a huge savings there, but I did get it a little cheaper than I would with sales and coupons, and I didn't have to go through the trouble of clipping all the coupons.

My total for all this was $68.56. That's not quite 3 weeks worth of budget, but it should definitely last us at least 3 weeks with just a little restocking on the fresh foods every week.


  1. Hi, just curious how you found the salvage stores, and what makes the items different, are the boxes damaged, cans dented? Thanks! Looks like you did great this week! --Dana

  2. I just happened to know about them by word of mouth, but you could try doing a Yahoo local search. I do that when I know I'll be shopping in another city, and want to find out if they have any salvage stores. The items are either damaged in some way or slightly outdated. I love shopping there because I get just as good of deals as I would with coupons without all the time and trouble.

  3. Hi there. I was wondering, where did U get the $2.00 live active cheese coupons. My daughter loves these snacks and I wanna stock up.

    Also, You have rite aid, CVS, Walgreen, food lion, Harris teeter all near you. Wow great variety of stores, Lucky you. Where do u live?


  4. The $2 cheese coupon is at this link.

    It's been around for a long time, though, so I don't know if it will print for you or not. Worth a try though, for sure.

    I live in Shelby, NC, a small town of no more than 30,000 people. It really is amazing how many stores we have considering the amount of people in the town.

  5. Hi-Just found you through Money Saving Mom and I am wondering how can I get started with all these savings? You mention all the coupons - are they from the newspaper or..? I have never done this before and it is about time to learn! I am so impressed with you ladies!~!!

    please email me at with any suggestion, if at all possible. I would greatly appreciate it.


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