Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Savings This Week - Food Lion and CVS

Food Lion is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores. I love those Food Lion printables! Here's the rundown:
1 Food Lion brand tortilla chips - $.50 after coupon
2 Food Lion brand salsa - $.05 each after coupon
1 Food Lion brand baby wipes - Free after coupon
1 Food Lion brand bacon - $1.00 after coupon
1 Strawberry Mini Wheats - $1.00 after coupon
1 Just Bunches cereal - $.41 after coupon

I despise hotdogs, but I bought hot dogs and buns because I was going to get a watermelon at $3.99, but I found a coupon for $3.00 off a watermelon when you buy Ball Park hot dogs and Sara Lee buns. After coupons, the hot dogs and buns were $2.50. Add the remaining $.99 from the watermelon, and I paid $3.49 for the watermelon instead of $3.99. So, even though I hate hot dogs, I'll take them! As I was walking away from the watermelons, I saw a coupon hanging on the Minute Maid to get it for free when you buy a watermelon. So, why not?
My total for everything was a little over $6.00.

Believe it or not, I'm kind of liking not having any $/$$ coupons for CVS. Since there's not a lot of deals, I don't spend forever in the store! But I've still been able to work enough deals to get my milk.
Total after coupons - $4.48
ECB's used - $4.00
Total oop - $.48
ECB's received - $3.00


  1. W0w! Great deals! I may try it sometime.

  2. working deals for milk! that's what I do all the time! this week especially because my teen brothers are down and we need plenty but don't want to be in there with them too long!


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