Friday, December 19, 2008

Crazy Coupon Capers

Okay, I told you I'd tell what happened later on at Walgreens. After last week's trip, I was bound and determined I was going to spend those 2 $5 Register Rewards.

My husband and I were out Saturday night, so I asked if we could stop by Walgreens and do a little shopping. I really did intend to just find a gift for someone or find something else I needed, but I just couldn't find anything I wanted to get. So, I decided that since I was in the store, I might as well make the most of it. I did 2 more moneymaking transactions and came out with 2 more $5 Register Rewards! I am a glutton for punishment! (If I can truly call making money punishment.)

I was then stuck with $20 in Register Rewards. Two were due to expire on the 20th, and 2 on the 27th. What was I going to do with those Register Rewards?!! Fortunately, I was planning on doing my shopping on Thursday the 18th. Unfortunately, there was not much good in the ad this week, and I could not find $20 worth of stuff worth buying.

I finally came up with an agreeable solution. Harris Teeter accepts competitor coupons, and I was planning to get some groceries there, so I thought "Aha! I will spend my Register Rewards on groceries!" But when I got to the register, I felt bad using $2o worth of competitor coupons since I know they will not get reimbursed for them. So I only used the 2 that were due to expire on the 20th. In the meantime, I still have $10 in Register Rewards that I need to use up by the 27th. Hopefully I will make it to the store before then.

Conclusion: I love hate love hate love hate Walgreens!!! There is a lot of money to be made there, but I am compelled to set foot in their store more often than I care to admit!

All right, now it's your turn! I want to know all about your couponing week. Did you get any great deals or have any interesting experiences? Link in or leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I did the olay rebate and the Russell Stover ESR this week and will end up making $10 on the transaction!

    Katie @ Saving for the farm

  2. I was hoping/waiting for a Walgreen's coupon this Friday/Saturday so I could buy the oral-B Professional toothbrush. When it didn't come I just decided to use my $10 RR that were expiring tomorrow to buy the Russell Stover's candy.

  3. I tried to use my 2 5.00 register rewards at the same time and the cashier said I could not do that, is that true?
    Jo Anne

  4. Jo Anne,
    You can't use 2 of the Holiday Register Rewards together. I was using 1 Holiday Register Reward combined with other Register Rewards, but some cashiers think they are not supposed to let you do that either even though there is nothing on the coupon that says that is the case.

  5. re: multiple RR's, in my experience it depends on the cashier. Even some mgr's have let me use more than 1. It's nice when they do so don't have to make several trans.

    Christina :-)


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