Friday, December 12, 2008

My Savings This Week

I didn't do any shopping this week other than at CVS and Walgreens. But Walgreens alone was enough to make my brain hurt! Here's how I did at both stores:


1 Powerade (not pictured)
8 bags of candy (already gave 4 to my mom)
3 bottles of Propel on clearance for $.40 each
2 Well Patch 3 pks. (had rain check to get them free, plus they gave back $1 ECB on each)
Total ECBs used = $13.98
Total out of pocket = $.90
Total ECBs received = $13.59

I started out buying 3 Robitussin and 2 Arm and Hammer. My total was $4.95 plus tax and I got back 10 in Register Rewards - $5 for the "buy $25, get $5" promotion and $5 for the Robitussin.

Then I bought 3 more Robitussin, 1 more Arm and Hammer, and 2 Maybelline lip gloss. My total was $1.75 plus tax, and I got back 2 more $5 Register Rewards.

I don't always get a chance to get to Walgreens before my Register Rewards expire, so I wanted to go ahead and use them up the same day. But here's the annoying (not really) thing: The stuff I was buying was worth of $25, so I got another $5 Register Reward. Also, I only ended up using $15 of the $20 in Register Rewards that I already had, so I came home spending a total of $13 and some change, and I brought home $10 in Register Rewards, and I'll get a $2 rebate for the the Scotch tape.

Don't forget to come join in on Crazy Coupon Capers on Saturday and share the awesome deals you got with your coupons or any other adventures you had with your coupons!


  1. At my Walgreens, they tell me you can't use more than one RR in one transaction. Doesn't say that on them. Called their District office, and they said I can. When I told them that, the manager went off on me and told me she didn't care what they said and told the cashier if she overrode it, she'd be fired. The cashier didn't do anything wrong, and the manager threatened her in front of a line of customers! You can bet I'll be talking to corporate!

  2. I love that you have fun and with your mom too is such a bonus. I need to try and have fun myself because I always make my brain hurt. lol

  3. The holiday one and most P&G RR now say one per transaction.


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