Thursday, December 4, 2008

Walgreens Moneymaker

Did you notice the 4 day sale at Walgreens (Wed. - Sat.)? One of the best deals in the ad is "By $25, get $5 in Register Rewards. Check out these scenarios here and here to see how you can get stuff free or even make money!


  1. thank you for sharing my link!

  2. Thanks for the heads up!!! I got some great deals:

    trip #1:
    2 planters
    3 12pk coke
    1/2 gal. milk
    2 foil (used WAGS C 2/$5.00 and 2 insert C 1/1)
    Colgate (used c 1/1)

    Used $17.00 RR

    Paid OOP- 5.68 Plus recieved $12 RR!!!

    Trip #2:
    Fire logs($5.00 rebate)
    Hershy Holiday Candy(5 rebate)
    Tylenol PM (used c 1/1)
    Tylenol Extra Strength (used WAGS C 1/1 and insert c 2/1)
    Motrin (used WAGS c 1.50/1)
    2 Revlon products (used 2 c 1/1)

    Used $14 RR
    Paid OOP $31.34 plus recieved $10RR!!

    If I had been thinking I would have waited on the logs... and used RR :) But I am sure there will be more deals next week.


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