Friday, December 19, 2008

My Drugstore Savings This Week

I forgot to take pictures! But here's the details anyway.

I was going to take the week off from CVS this week, but I saw on the sign that they had their strollers on sale for $9.99. I need one for my son, so I stopped in to get one, but they didn't have any! So I ended up "buying" the glucose monitor with my free coupon, and getting my $5 ECBs. I also realized that I had a CVS coupon for the Colgate toothpaste, making it a $1.51 moneymaker instead of just $.51. So yet another tube of toothpaste has been added to my stash. (Come spring, I plan to have a giant yard sale, and get rid of all this excess!)

Walgreens: They didn't have any Progresso left on the shelves, so I got a raincheck for that. I got a pair of tights, some gift bags, and some Almay makeup. The Almay was B1G1 free, and they had some on clearance for $1.89. I used 2 of my $2 coupons from the KMart Beauty Book to get some overage on the other stuff I got.
Now, do you remember last week's Walgreens trip, when I was going to spend up all my Register Rewards, and ended up getting more? Well, let me tell you what happened later that night.

No, wait! I can't tell you now! You have to come back Saturday for Crazy Coupon Capers, and then I'll tell you!


  1. hey. i've been just recently keeping up with your blog via my google reader. my question is...when you went to cvs, how long did you spend in there and how long in walgreens? did you just "remember" you had the coupon for the meter, and make-up and other things? how do you organize and keep all your coupons up to date with expiration dates?


  2. Carrie,
    I use my blog as my shopping list. Before I go to the store, I go through the CVS and Walgreens deals, cut the coupons, and away I go. I usually know exactly what I want before I go in the store, and have the coupons all ready to go. But there are times when I buy something I hadn't planned. My coupons are organized enough to find the coupon I need. In January, I have scheduled a detailed post on how I organize my coupons, so keep an eye out for that!


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