Thursday, May 7, 2009

Free KFC Grilled Chicken Meal coupons now being turned into a Raincheck??

I was checking KFC's site and saw this announcement regarding the free grilled chicken meal coupons that we were all printing just yesterday. They apparently had such an overwhelming response that they are not going to be redeeming any more coupons but will be issuing rain checks for varying time periods for a free meal AND a free Pepsi. Their website states that you still must bring your coupon to a KFC store before it expires on May 19th and they will give you the rain check form. I know my mom was able to redeem a coupon today at our local KFC so you may find that some stores are redeeming them and some stores are issuing rain checks. Leave a comment if you wish letting all of us know if you have been able to redeem your coupon or not.


  1. disgusting effort by KFC to weasel out of its promises.

  2. this kind of situation is quite confusing. both parties should have talked about the effects of this free chicken meal coupon. For the chaos that it will bring, it may harm their names and reputation.

  3. Nobody should be bothering with this chicken anyway and it's a shame that Oprah is promoting it. It's garbage! It contains MSG and trans-fat among other unhealthy ingredients. Here's a detailed discussion of why KFC's grilled chicken is unhealthy.

  4. We did, but we redeemed it the first day and right when they opened in a very small town. There wasn't even a line.

    Karen in TN


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