Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some freebies for you available Wednesday, May 6th!


Get a Free 8x10 Photo Enlargement on May 6th with in-ad coupon. Or you can use code MOTHER online to get it for free too!


KFC is giving away more free grilled chicken and this time it is a 2 Piece grilled chicken meal including 2 pieces of grilled chicken, two sides and a biscuit! You must print this coupon by tomorrow evening, Wednesday, May 6th But you can use it through 5/19/09.


Just say "I'm parched, FruiTea me!" on Wednesday, May 6th to receive a one of Arby's new FruiTea's for FREE!


  1. Is the KFC coupon legit? It is a PDF coupon with a printable barcode. The way I understand, each printable coupon is suppose to have a different barcode for each one. I would LOVE to get some free KFC, but want to make sure I am doing it the right way. Thanks for all your posts!

  2. Jennifer,
    When I print the KFC coupon it is a "bricks" coupon and mine has a different # each time for the barcode. I was only able to print 3-4 and then it said print limit reached. It was sponsored by Oprah and was on her site as well so I would think no problem with it being legit.

  3. Jennifer,
    As of yesterday morning it was a bricks coupon, but yesterday evening Oprah posted the PDF version for those having trouble getting the bricks coupon to work. The terms of the bricks coupon say that only 4 downloads of the coupon are permitted, so as long as you're not printing more than 4 of the PDF, there's nothing to feel guilty about. (However, as of this morning, they changed it back to a bricks coupon.)

  4. Thanks for the clarification! I want to make sure I do the right thing so we can keep getting free chicken!


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