Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Freebie Wednesday again tomorrow at Arby's!

Tomorrow is the last day of Arby's Wednesday Freebies! I hope that you have been able to snag a few this summer. I know my husband and I have enjoyed a few of the freebies! :) If you go tomorow, be sure to thank your local Arby's for offering this so hopefully we will see them do this again in the future.

Tomorrow, August 26th is the last freebie day and it is get a Free Regular Beef 'n Cheddar with any soft drink purchase

So head out to Arby's tomorrow to get the last summer freebie - a free beef 'n cheddar sandwich
(with the purchase of any drink.)


  1. Hi there!

    Just had a question, how do you know it will be Arby's Wednesday tomorrow? Do you get an email? My local Arby's won't participate because they are a NEW franchise and they say they will lose money if they do. I just want to have something to bring in with me if there is anything. Thanks!

  2. I have gotten emails before and at the beginning of this promotion but did not receive one today. Our Arby's do not require anything. But you might want ot sign up for Arby's Extras on their site as that is how I receive periodic emails.


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