Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My favorite CVS deal of all time!

I thought I would share with you my favorite deal at CVS since I began "CVSing" in May of 2008.

Office Chair - $34.99 - get back $5 ECB
Skincare wipes x 2- $.99 each
1 blood glucose monitor $19.99
Total $56.96
- $10/$50 coupon
- $2 skincare coupon,
- $19.99 Blood glucose monitor coupon
paid $24.97 in ECB's
And my total was $0.00! I didn't even have to pay any tax!
And I got back $5 in ECB's so the chair only really cost me $20 in ECB's.

We did not have an office chair so this was a huge blessing to me and my all time favorite CVS deal!


  1. Ok, where did you find the $10/50.00 coupon? Is it by putting two 5/25 coupons together somehow? Then is the glucose monitor Bayer Contour one for $14.99. I am a little confused. However, really need a new chair like that.

  2. Sorry, also wanted to know where you found the $2.00 skin care coupon.

  3. My favorite CVS deal was when they had on clearance the jumbo size ice pops (box of, if I remember correctly, something like 75) for $1.65 and you got back 5 ECBs. Spent $6.60 - got $20 ECBs. The sad part is they only had 4 boxes left.

    Amy - aruba1982@msn.com

  4. My favorite deal was one I took advantage of, thanks to your eagle eyed observations of great deals at CVS for the Electrasol. Wow! What a deal! There's nothing like free!

  5. I have taken a break from cvs'ing for a while due to the fact I just had a baby, but now I am back into it. My favorite I think was yestedays deal, to bad I didn't have any extra ecb's to use on this.
    Huggies diapers 2/$18 I had 2 $3 off coupons, plus a $4 off $20 CVS coupon & got $4 ECB's back, so after ecb's it was like getting a pack of diapers for $2.00!!! That is great for this mom of three with two in diapers. At the same time I also got two packs of highlighters=free & two candy bars=free all three after coupons!!


  6. My favorite CVS deal was all the free excedrin I got whne it was on sale for $1 and I had a $1 coupon. Didn't buy pain relief for MONTHS after that shopping trip!

  7. Anon,
    the $10/50 coupon sometimes prints from the coupon printer. For about 6 months - I got them every week! Hard to plan deals to get up to $50 and not spend out of pocket $ but I got to be quite good at it and the $10 saved and earned me a lot of ECB's

    The skincare coupon was in teh CVS beauty magazine last summer.


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