Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crazy Coupon Caper: Below budget in groceries and got overage of $5.01 in ECB’s this week!

crazy coupon capers

I love mega events at Kroger but sometimes they can tend to blow my budget!  Not this time though!  There didn’t seem to be as many freebies or really cheap deals in this mega event so I only bought 20 items this week.  I do plan to do buy more next week because there will be super cheap cheese next week (read about that in a post in a little bit.)



Sale price: $103.16

- $5/$45 purchase coupon (from Kroger mailer)

-$10 in mega event savings

-$61.95 in coupons

I paid: $26.21

The kitten chow and toothbrushes were free after coupon, the wipes were $0.19 each after coupon, and the batteries were free with an e-coupon from playing the Kroger summer of savings game and were part of the mega event!


Not much to get at Publix but I did stock up on a few of the really cheap items.


Sale price: $20.63

- $17 in coupons

I paid: $3.63

The razors gave me $0.25 overage, the Hershey’s syrups were $0.50 after coupon, the Lea Perrins Worcestshire sauce were $0.29 after coupon and the Kraft Mayo was FREE after coupon.

You can view all these deals and more with coupon matchups at Southern Savers.

So my total for the week for groceries was $29.84, $10 under my $40 budget!  But I will probably use that $10 next week to buy some more mega items since cheese will be cheaper next week, and make an extra trip to Aldi.


Transaction #1


Sale price: $20.31

Use $2.00 coupon on Complete

Used (2) $3.00 coupons on John Frieda

Paid with $10.98 ECB

Subtotal: $0.00!  (I will explain how to do this in my new series: CVS shopping tips)

I paid: $1.33 (in tax)

Got back $13.98 in ECB’s 

Profit of $3.00 in ECB’s!

Transaction #2


The John Frieda had to be purchased in separate transactions for the ECB to print.  So I broke up my transactions – 2 on one day and 1 on another.

Sales price: $22.76

Used (2) $3.00 coupon for John Frieda

Paid with $5.00 ECB

Subtotal: $–0.01

I paid: $0.76 in tax

Got back $6.00 in ECB’s

Profit of $1.00 in ECB’s

Transaction #3


I had a raincheck from the last time that CVS had Electrasol on sale with an ECB deal.  (Buy $20 worth of Electrasol – on sale for $4.50 each, get back $10.  So had to buy 5 to get to the $20 total.) But I was waiting until the $2.50 Electrasol coupons came out again.  (I will also explain how to effectively use CVS non-expiring rainchecks to your advantage in my new series: CVS shopping tips)

Sales price: $34.78

Used (5) $2.50 Electrasol coupons

Used (2) $3.00 John Frieda coupons

Paid with $13.99 in ECB’s

Subtotal: $0.01

I paid $2.29 in tax

Got back $15.00 in ECB’s

Profit of $1.01 in ECB’s

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