Friday, July 9, 2010

CVS deals update again!

I went to CVS again last night and bought more of the CVS brand pantiliners

I had already bought 2 and it was not saying "limit reached" on the bottom of my receipt.  I bought 2 more, got the $1.00 ECB and it still was not saying "limit reached."   So I bought 2 more, got the $1.00 ECB and it finally said "limit reached."  So it turns out the limit is 3 on this deal, meaning you can get 6 packages of pantiliners this week for FREE!

CVS Pantiliners 22ct. - $0.50 ea

Buy 2, get $1.00 ECB's - ad states limit 1, but actually limit 3!
FREE after ECB's

UPDATE:  You must buy these in separate transactions or the ECB's will not print!  So buy 2, get $1.00 ECB.   Then buy 2, get another ECB, etc.  If you buy all 6 in one transaction only (1) $1.00 ECB will print.

Also I got new coupons printed at the coupon printer:
$1.00/2 Greeting cards 
$0.50/1 new Mars, MilkyWay candy bar

There are many greeting cards priced at $0.99 so buy 2, use $1.00/2 off coupon, pay $.98 for 2 cards!

Also many candy bars are on sale for 2/$1.00 this week making them FREE after the $0.50 CVS coupon.  Plus there is a candy deal this week too "Buy $10 worth of candy, get $3.00 ECB".  My receipt says I have already bought $0.50 towards this deal because I bought a Milky Way bar and I got it for FREE! 

You can check out all the other deals at CVS here.

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