Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I LOVE coupons!

love coupons

Do you ever have those days when you literally want to call every number saved in your cell phone to share how much you saved?  When you just can’t stop smiling all the way home because you still can’t believe you saved as much as you did?

Well, today was one of those days for me.  And since I refrained myself from calling everyone in my phone book, I will share it with all of you! :)

It started out as any normal day.  But at lunch I met a contractor to pay for some materials for a big home remodel project we are doing.  I was able to find a coupon for Home Depot and saved $152 with it!!  That was enough to make me giddy for the rest of the day but it didn’t end there.  :)

Many people have found $10/$20 purchase peelie coupons for Kohl’s on their paper this weekend.  I did and got quite a few copies of the paper too!  I also had a 20% coupon for Kohl’s.  So I headed to the mall and checked out 5 times using my 20% coupon and a $10/20 coupon each time.  I got several clothing items my husband and I needed and a few household needs (one of which didn’t work and I will return later this week.)

This is the total sale price (not regular price) of all of my transactions - $114.57

- (5) $10 coupons

- 20 % coupon

I paid: $48.44 (a savings of $66.13)

(The bottom of my receipts state that I saved $164.95, but who are they kidding?  I would never pay full price in Kohls!  I only buy things when they are at least 50% off there.)

But here is the best part!  With each transaction (regardless of how much I spent or how many items I bought) I received $10 Kohl’s cash valid on children’s apparel!  So I earned back $50 in Kohl’s cash – $1.56 more than I had spent!  I plan to go back next week to use the Kohl’s cash and hope to do all my nephews and nieces Christmas shopping for FREE or very, very cheap!   Ok, I was skipping out of the store at this point and yes, I did call a few people in my cell phone! :)

Then, I headed to Kroger to take advantage of the FREE toothpaste and toothbrushes this week and the $5.00 catalina on Kraft products.  My total was $62.60 - $5.00 mega event savings.  I saved $44.00 in coupons and paid $13.60.  But I got back a $5.00 coupon off my next purchase!

Oh, and we also got a FREE smoothie and a FREE frappe at McDonald’s with the coupons from yesterday’s paper – a savings of 5.00!

So total savings of the day (not counting regular prices to sale prices, just what I actually saved with coupons) is $272.13!!

And the best part is I still have CVS, maybe Rite Aid, and another Kroger trip to do tomorrow and I am so excited!

How about you?  Are you having a mega savings week?  I would love to hear about some of your deals!


  1. Hey! That's awesome! I love coupons and good deals, it helps my family out so much! BTW, what all did you get at Kroger? I'm thinking about going, but it's about 30mins. away,... wondering if it's worth it? Oh! and I love your blog, it's been such a blessing! Thank you for all that you do!

  2. Check out Southern Saver's list here -

    I got FREE toothpaste and toothbrushes, a few more wipes and cheap cheese and 0.49 Tombstone pizzas! :)


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