Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dollar General finds with the 50% coupon!

I told you I LOVED this coupon when it came out last year and this year is no exception.  I went on Monday night and took some pictures of some of the things you can get for 50% off with this coupon (remember it is 50% off your ENTIRE purchase of Home Décor, housewares, kitchen, bed pillows, sheets and rugs)  And Dollar General prices are sometimes even lower than Wal-mart prices so think 50% off those prices.
(Excuse the cell phone pictures)
Vases, urns, flower arrangements
Mops brooms, cleaning supplies
Rugs – some cute ones too!
This is the aisle I love – clocks, lamps, lampshades
thought this little white lamp was cute! Smile  $7.00 so only $3.50 after coupon!  That is thrift store and yard
sale prices. 
Another oil rubbed bronze lamp.  And the lampshades to go with these lamps are $5.00 so only $2.50 after coupon!
Blankets, sheets, pillows
Loved the basket aisle!  I will show you what I got below.
Their towels were not bad either.  Not paper thin – decent for the price.  Bath towels were $5.00 so $2.50 after coupon.
How about curtain rods?  Priced from $6-10 so only $3.00-$5.00 after coupon – wow!
Most of the picture frames were pretty cheap and I can usually find them 50¢ at yardsales so wasn’t too impressed but I am going to check another store too.

Ok here is my steals deals:












Prices AFTER 50% coupon -

  • Lamp $3.50
  • lampshade 2.50
  • Pack of 10 black hangars $0.62
  • Light bulbs $0.92
  • Large dark brown basket $4.00
  • Medium plastic bins $1.62
  • Large plastic bin $2.12
  • Flowers $1.50

See, I told you, GREAT deals!  Yard sale prices Smile

Let me know what you find!  Don’t forget to print your coupon before you go!

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