Friday, November 7, 2008

Crazy Coupon Capers: Triple Coupons

Harris Teeter was having triple coupons this weekend. Every other time I've gone, my total has been exceptionally low (as in $2 and under). I always got anything that gave overage, and then used that to go towards paying for everything else. But since Harris Teeter does not give overage any more, I didn't bother with most of the free stuff since none of it was things I needed or would use. I didn't want to use up my 20 coupon limit on things I didn't need, so I got things that cost a little more. My total was over $10, but almost everything I got was actually on my grocery list, and I would have had to pay full price for them elsewhere.

I started off by getting 3 tubes of toothpaste, a bag of coughdrops, and some toddler toothpaste for my son. The reason for that is that there was a deal for E-Vic members where if you bought $30 worth of certain health and beauty items, you automatically got $10 taken off your order. The $30 was added up before coupons. I already had $17 worth towards the deal, so I wanted to finish it out and then use the $10 credit for my other stuff. The Colgate was free after coupon, the Crest was $.25, the coughdrops were $1.00, and the toddler toothpaste was $1.64. I had actually made money on the first $17 worth because I combined it with a different catalina deal. So for all $30 worth I paid a total of $1.24 and got my $10 credit. After I bought those things I went back in and used the rest of my limit of coupons. I also got some other things that I didn't have coupons for.

4 loaves Arnold bread = $1.36
3 boxes Scotties tissues = $1.50
2 cartons Activia yogurt = $1.00
1 tub Huggies wipes = $2.49
1 bag Dixie Crystals brown sugar = $.54
1 can Muir Glen tomatoes = free
1 bottle honey = $2.49
1 pack Trident gum = free
2 packs Fleischman's yeast = free
1 tub Land o Lakes butter = $.64
1 bottle Mt. Olive relish = $.19
1 pack lunchmeat = $3.99
1 package Swiss cheese = $2.25
1 bag grapes (got left at the store!) = $1.19
1 bundle celery = $2.49
Total = $20.13 plus tax
Minus $10 credit = $10.13 plus tax

I figured up that if I had just gone to Wal-Mart to get what was on my list, the total would have been around $35! So even though my total wasn't as low as it was in the past, I'd still say it was definitely worth it to participate in triple coupons!

How about you? Did you get to participate in triple coupons? If not, I'd still love to see what awesome deals you got with your coupons this week. Link in or leave comment and let me know!


  1. I didn't get to use a lot of coupons this week and they didn't have any triple coupon days at stores near me, but I did cash in on the free Gillette fusion Phenom razor and a few other goodies and lots of good sales! I also posted on some great freebies and coupon deals.


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