Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunday Sustenance

My husband and I are singing this song in church tomorrow. I thought I'd share the words with you all.

I would bear the cross of Jesus,
Gladly would I daily die,
If I might but tell the story
Of His mission from on high.

He has bid me take the gospel,
Tell it out where e'er I go.
Till the world has heard the story
That can save from sin and woe.

Thousands still have never heard it,
Millions do not know His name.
God forbid that I should fail them
And incur my Master's blame.


I must spread the glad evangel,
Turning lost ones from their plight,
Witnessing to every creature,
Turning sinners to the light.

How has the Lord been working in your heart? I'd love for you to leave a comment or link in and share what the Lord has been teaching you.

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  1. I loved your addition about your song you'll be singing today. I believe that God is using me and testing me at the same time during times of trials. I think sometimes it's easy to forget that even through the hardships God is molding us and we are still touching other people's lives. When I speak with others about the trials I'm going through and how I'm dealing with it and remembering that I'm not to worry, not one bit! God will take care. God even says during the hard times, have a smile. It's true. The hard times will go away, the smile will always remain, and that smile and attitude left an impression on at least one other person that you may or may not know, and that impression was God.
    Melissa Roselli
    Personal Assistant


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