Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crazy Coupon Capers

I was thinking that I was crazy after I stayed up half the night Wednesday cooking, and then got up Thursday morning so I could be at CVS when the doors opened. What normal people get excited about making a trip to CVS on Thanksgiving day? They had everything in stock that I wanted, though, so I was glad I had gone early. I started out with $18 in ECBs, spent $3.26 out of pocket, and came home with $42.95 in ECBs, for a total profit of $21.69.

If you haven't gotten to do the Black Friday deals yet, you can still do them today. There is a list of all the deals and coupon matchups here.

Well, what awesome deals did you get with your coupons? Did you get in on the Black Friday CVS deals or find any other great deals? Link in or leave a comment and let me know! Please leave a link back here so others can join in on the fun too!


  1. I went on Thanksgiving Day. I was out of my own ECB's. I got most of the "free" deals. I had to settle for the cleansing scrub instead of the wipes...and they didn't have the pressed powder, just the liquid. I broke it down into 2 transactions. I have about $20 ECB's to deal with now.

  2. Our CVS didn't open until 9am on Thanksgiving and I was the first in the store. No lines! :)

  3. I went around 10am. I picked up the Aussie Shampoo, Hershey's King Size Milk Chocolate Bar, and Playtex Tampons. They were out of the Schick Quattro Razor/Trimmer and CoverGirl Smoothers pressed powder- so I was disappointed in missing out of those.

  4. Yeah, I brought my kids straight out of bed, in their jammies, with a frozen waffle in hand!

  5. My friend Rachel and I went to our CVS at 11:30 pm on Wed night to check out at 12:01 ( 24 hour store) ... and you know there were two other ladies there doing the same thing?!!


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