Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do you have a grocery budget?

I wanted to share with you a great article Crystal @ MoneySavingMom published today.  She is doing a series on 31 days until a better grocery budget and today’s feature was setting a grocery budget.  Read her article here.

I just posted my February grocery spending and managed to stick to my budget this month and stockpile quite a few things!  My budget is $40 a week for grocery stores and I was at $41.00 for the month.  I found that I was going over my budget last year because I wasn’t tracking what I was spending until the month was over and by then it was too late!  So, I am adding my spending up more often and sharing my spending and savings with you each month to help me keep more accountable.

So how are you doing?  Do you have a grocery budget?  You will find you will save more and be able to stockpile if you have a budget/goal in mind that you want to spend each week.  Follow the steps Crystal lays out and you will be saving more in a few short weeks!

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