Thursday, March 18, 2010

New mobile coupons at Target!

Target released a new coupon system last week – did you hear about it in the news?  You can now get coupons sent directly to your mobile device and scan your phone/barcode at the register to deduct them off your bill!  I think this is going to be just the start of bringing coupons to the 21st century.

Text the word "coupons" to 827438 (TARGET) or go here to sign up. You should then receive a text with a link to a webpage that has all the available mobile coupons for Target right now.  The best thing is, these coupons are accessible though a single bar code.  If you buy 2 items that have coupons that apply, you would scan the barcode from your phone once and it would deduct both coupons! 

To read more and my thoughts on the matter published in the Tampa Bay Tribune go here.

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