Friday, March 19, 2010

Hot Kmart coupon + Super cheap Huggies diapers

There is a rare $10/20 purchase at Kmart coupon available here.  It is a PDF coupon (meaning it can be printed multiple times) but reported to be a valid coupon.  And it doesn’t expire until May 15, 2010!  (In other words, print a few copies since you will plenty of time to use them and the coupon might not stay posted forever.)

Here’s a way you can use it this week to get a great deal on diapers.  Remember the $3.00/1 Huggies diaper coupon, I just posted about it?  (Print it NOW, while it is still there.)  You can use it to get super cheap diapers at Kmart!

Possible scenarios

Scenario #1 - If they let you use 10/20 and Huggies coupon and no restriction on total:
Buy 2 packs of diapers – 9.99 each
small filler
total 20.xx
- $10/20 coupon
- (2) $3.00 coupons
Total: $4.00 for 2 packs/ $2.00 each


Scenario #2 - If they won’t let you use $10/20 coupon and Huggies coupons together:
Buy 2 packs x 9.99
add small filler to get to $20
- $10/20
Total: $10.xx for 2 packs/ $5 each


Scenario #3 -If you can use Huggies coupons and $10/20 but your total has to be $20 after the manuf. coupons:
Buy 3 packs x 9.99 = 29.97
use (3) $3.00/1 Huggies coupons  - 9.00
Total: 20.97
- $10/20 coupon
Pay $10.97 for 3 packs/ $3.67 a pack

If you go to Kmart and try the deal, let us know which scenario worked for you.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the heads up on this fabulous coupon! Unfortunately, it does look like you have to use it after all other discounts have been applied. I would guess that includes other coupons... I'm not an avid Kmart shopper, so I'm not sure what their coupon policy is.


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