Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vacation recap

Thought I would share with you some things my husband and I did while on vacation last week.  As I look at these pictures, I am so missing the sound, smell, and view of the beach and certainly not enjoying being back at work!  :)


We loved the view from our balcony!  We ate all our meals in our hotel room on this balcony.  It was the first thing we went to in the morning and the last place we left at night.  Wish we had a view like this in our backyard.


We spent every morning/early afternoon at the beach!  One day it was really windy, making the waves bigger than usual.  We enjoyed trying to “body board” on the waves. 

101_3767  101_3773

We would leave the beach, walk a few feet to cool off in the pool, and then enjoy soaking up some sunshine in a comfy lounge chair.


We did some shopping at my favorite place – the outlets!


And we shopped at Broadway at the Beach – a local favorite of unique shops all surrounding a huge lake/inlet.


We saw some great fireworks.


And we made some great memories by getting professional pictures done at the beach.  (It was a late birthday/early anniversary present to me from my husband!)  We had not had professional pictures done since our wedding almost 7 years ago and it was always a dream to get pictures done at the beach.  Even though have been married 7 years this month, we are still newlyweds!





Now I just need some free or cheap 8x10/ 5x7 photo deals so I can print these to put in frames throughout the house :) Let me know if you find some!


  1. Missing the beach myself. We are probably not going this year. (sniff) Planning on putting money into home improvements instead of a vacation. I keep telling myself it's a long term investment instead of a one week spending. My pep talk is not working very well as I look at your pictures! lol!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Walgreens is doing the free photo collage today. I hope this helps!


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