Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Fun yardsale finds

Here’s some fun stuff I found while yardsaling last week. 

The metal wall hangings were $3 for the pair.  (Love metal wall hangings!  These might find a home on my deck or maybe even my front porch.)

The large plaster wall hanging has a Kirkland’s sticker for $9.99 on the back, but I paid $1.00!
The white (of course!) wood shelf was $1.00 and already has a home on a dark brown wall in my living room.  It goes perfect and I love the detailed carvings!  I will have to show you soon.

The white decorative finial and decor ball were $0.50 each.  The finial will probably get a paint job – either white (since it is sort of yellowed looking) or ORB – what do you think?

Last weekend there were yardsales EVERYWHERE!  I typically just stick to my favorite multi-seller, parking lot yardsale and a quick stop at the flea market, but I could have shopped till I dropped last weekend!

Have you found anything good while shopping yardsales or Goodwill recently? 

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