Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Black Friday ads

Are you a Black Friday shopper?

I LOVE Black Friday and am one of those people that are in a line somewhere at 5 am! I am working on my BF list and wanted to share the sites that I visit to get a preview of the ads. I really like having a preview earlier so I can have time to read reviews, check out the item at the store ahead of time, etc., especially on large purchase items. So if you have some big purchases planned or are wanting to get a head start on your shopping plan check out the sites below to see what ads have already been released.

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  1. By now most everyone is familiar with the term Black Friday 2009, the big shopping day right after Thanksgiving Day. Retail store, including Walmart, open their doors early and lure shoppers in with incredible bargains on certain merchandise. Like others on Thanksgiving Day, Walmart limits these sales to just a few hours, but the items are usually gone well before the deadline.


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