Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FREE $5 giftcard for CVS when you buy a $25 giftcard

Thanks to Frugal in Virginia for the hot tip on this deal!

Buy a $25 e-giftcard from CVS, get an additional $5 free as a bonus! E-giftcards can be used just like regular gift cards.

You can also buy higher value giftcards and get higher value bonuses:
Gift card amount --> Bonus amount

$25-$49 → $5.00
$50-$74 → $10.00
$75-$99 → $15.00
$100-$124 → $20.00
$125-$149 → $25.00
$150 → $30.00

This is only available for a limited time, so be sure to get it quick if you want it.

I have mentioned before that I budget no more than $20 a month for my CVS shopping to pay the tax and balance on my transactions. I load a giftcard each month with $20 and when it is gone - I am done shopping at CVS for the month! I have done really well the last few months with having money left over. So I will definitely take advantage of this deal and gain me a FREE $5.00 to spend at CVS over the holidays!
Go here for more details and to buy your giftcard.

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