Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crazy Coupon Capers

Here's my shopping totals for the week - my Kroger and Publix trips are pictured above.


Total - $30.20
- $18.70 in coupons
(my stores accept the $5.00 Rite Aid coupon but will stop taking it on 12/1 - so I have one more week to use it! I cannot complain though, because I have saved literally hundreds of dollars over the last year or so using competitor $/$$ coupons at Publix. I will be sure to thank my stores next week when I am in.)

I paid - $11.50!


Total $30.06
- $14.55 in coupons
(All of the McCormik grinders were FREE after coupon.)
I paid $15.51!

But my cans of Kroger pumpkin rang up $1.19 not $1.09 so I got one can free and $0.10 back for each can for a total of $1.77 back making my total $13.74.

So total paid for the week $27.01, total saved $33.25! I am under my weekly budget of $40.00, the week before thanksgiving, wow! That gives me a little extra to buy a ham next week or anything else I need.

How did you go this week? Link in and share your savings and deals this week.

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