Thursday, November 5, 2009

More great printable coupons - Kraft/Publix coupons

Go here to print the following Kraft/Publix coupons:

1.00/1 off Philly Cheese

1.00/1 off Oreo Cookies

1.00/1 off Nilla Wafers

.55/2 Jello or Jello Pudding

1.00/1 off Maxwell House

.55/1 off Cool Whip

1.00/1 off Honey Maid Pie Crust

1.00/1 off Bakers Chocolate

1.00/1 off Planters Baking Pecans 6oz


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  2. Will krogers accept these coupons with Publix on them. I see that they are MQs. Just wondering


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