Friday, November 6, 2009

Crazy Coupon Capers - record breaking week!

I had the best coupon/saving week ever! Kroger is having their 2nd week of Mega sales and Publix has some great baking deals this week. I also stopped by Aldi to pick up a few things.

Total for all trips combined: $253.77

- $50.00 in Mega Savings at Kroger

- $154.14 in coupons

I paid - $49.63!!!!

paying less than $50.00 for $250.00 of groceries = priceless :)

And let me say a few things:

  1. Don't worry, I did not deplete the shelves - I left plenty for others. Fortunately my stores were very well stocked. I am finding "couponing" is becoming quite popular in our area and I think our stores normally do a pretty good job of stocking the shelves on the good deals. Plus we have 4 Kroger and 3 Publix stores within a 15 mile radius.

  2. I will not use all the cans of evaporated milk, etc. but I am accumulating quite a large pile of food to donate to a family in need/food pantry for the holidays. I am so thankful for the things I am able to get for free or cheap that I can then pass on to others that need them.

  3. My cat loves all the free cat treats I get - he is probably the best fed cat ever! :) Also collecting pet products to a donate to a animal shelter.

  4. My weekly budget is $40.00 so I borrowed $10 from next week for this week to account for all the great sales this week. But after this week, I am find myself hoping the deals are slow next week and I can take a short break! :)

  5. I do not post this to brag or discourage you. I hope to inspire and encourage you to see how much you can save! I have been "couponing" for almost 2 years now - so these savings did not happen overnight. Also, please realize - YES, you can save money with coupons! And you can save a LOT of money with coupons with some work! I will be sharing my year-to-date savings next week so stay tuned!

So how did you do? Link in and share your trip!


  1. I'm impressed!!! I had to show my husband your savings. We don't have access to large chain grocery stores with their mega sales so I usually don't do this well on my couponing.

  2. I think you did a awesome job!

    I have a bi-lo, HT, foodlion here plus dollar general and family dollar and I don't do that at all.
    I wish I could.

  3. All I can say is WOW!!! I still feel like I have a LOOOONG way to go (being on bedrest doesn't help things right now...)w/couponing but I know it takes time and patience b/c I have not been as consistent as I could have been at times--I just keep telling myself in the meantime, that every little penny saved is worth it! =)( and I can't believe I hardly EVER used to use coupons!!!)GOOD JOB on the savings, and its great you can give to others too.

  4. Busy mom,

    If you have Harris Teeter you should shop their triple coupons sales. No Harris Teeter so I am always envious of my friends deals from Harris Teeter. Check out this post -


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