Monday, April 12, 2010

Decor on a Dime: Spring wreath tutorial

I saw this wreath in Michael’s and fell in love with the greens and yellows!  It was so springy but also could easily transition into summer as well.    (Wouldn’t these colors make a gorgeous spring/summer wedding?)
But I was not loving the price tag!!!
I have always made wreaths for my doors (I usually use a Michael’s wreath for my inspiration!) and I knew I could re-create this one as well.  I already had bought the grapevine wreath at Goodwill for $2.00 but you can buy them for $4-5.00 at any craft store.

Here are the flowers I bought.  All of the bunches came to $21.95 but they were 50% off, so I paid $10.98!

Now, for how to assemble it.  You will need wire cutters or a small floral cutter (you can find them at the Dollar Store or craft stoe) to cut the flower stems from the bunch.  You will want to leave as much stem as possible and push any leaves on the stem up to the flower
I do not glue my flowers into the wreath so that I can remove them (when they become faded and dated) and reuse the wreath later or re-arrange them later.  I find that you can usually secure them pretty well just by sticking them among all the grapevines. 
I first stuck in my roses which were to be my main focal point.  Then added the small green hydrangea flowers next to them.

Then I just filled in the rest of the wreath using the gerber daisies, greenery, and smaller flowers that were in the bunches.  There is no wrong way to do this!

And I thought I was finished!  Here it is all hung up on my door.  I wasn’t liking the fact that all the flowers were “too close” to the wreath and didn’t have a natural look to them.  I went back to Michael’s to take a picture for this post and realized what I was missing.
First, I pulled some of the flowers away from the wreath, sticking out more.  And I removed some flowers as it was too cluttered looking.  Then I dug around in my fake flower stash and found a yellow straw-looking bush and cut it apart and added it.   And moved some of the smaller yellow and white flowers to help cover the “bare” part of the wreath and make it look more natural.
Now, I am finished!   101_3352
Michael’s wreath – pricetag $69.99!!  Even 1/2 off it would have cost $35.00!
My wreath – cost $10.98 for the flowers + wreath and a few extra flowers I already had.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I have challenged you to try to make a wreath of your own.  The next time you are at Michael’s or another craft store pick out your favorite and try it!
Have you ever made a wreath for your door?  Or maybe you prefer another type of decor for your door.  I would love to see your pictures!  I am trying out the new picture Linky so post your link and add a picture so we can all come see!


  1. Ha, I love that you made it for just under $11 bucks! Very inspiring - thanks for linking up to Be Inspired today. When you get a chance please add a link back to the party!

    Thanks - Chelsea

  2. Great project (and well-written tutorial)! I love the fact that you went back to look at the inspiration wreath again. Something I would totally do!

    Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party.

  3. This looks really pretty. Good thinking on not gluing the flowers on.

  4. I love love love it, in fact better than the one at Michaels. I can;t believe how much money they want for is crazy! I have a before and after party going on this week...I would love for you to join in. Debbie

  5. This is great! I like yours better, the little fuzzies(can't think of the word right now) are great :)

  6. Yay! Thanks for posting this. I went into Michael's today with no plan and bought a grapevine wreath and a bunch of flowers - so this idea really helps me get my brain around it!


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