Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary at Centsible Savings!!


April marks my 1 year anniversary of blogging here at Centsible Savings!! 

Wow!  In some ways it seems like I haven’t been doing this that long, and in other ways, I don’t really remember life without blogging.

I have gotten so many great deals this past year (thanks to my great readers and fellow bloggers!), learned LOTS about the technical aspects of blogging (I had no clue what HTML, hyperlinks, and google reader was before), and enjoyed sharing many great deals with you! 

Most of all, I have enjoyed getting to know many of you and hopefully helped you on your journey to save, save, save!

To celebrate my 1 year anniversary here at Centsible Savings, I will be having giveaways all month long!  I am really excited about some new sponsors and items that I have to give to my lucky readers!

So stay tuned, not only for the giveaways, but for another year of blogging here at Centsible Savings!  I am looking forward to learning more about blogging and couponing, “meeting” more of you, and bringing you even more deals and ways you can save money!

Thank you for making my first
year an enjoyable one! 



  1. Does not seem like a year.
    Already subscribe to centsiblesavings.


  2. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more!


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