Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Décor on a Dime: Ornament wreath

I hope you are ready for some Christmas crafts because I am ready to share some with you! 


This was one of the first projects I saw on Thrifty Decor Chick last year when I was introduced to the world of décor blogs! :) 

An ornament wreath!


(photo courtesy of Thrifty Decor Chick)

I instantly fell in love and rushed to Wal-mart to buy my ornaments.  I didn’t like the way it was looking on when I strung them on the hanger shaped into a wreath (see her tutorial to understand what I am talking about).  So I decided to hot glue it to a wreath form instead.  Mistake #1!  I went to hang it and dropped it!  The ornaments broke apart from each other into about 10 different segments.  I could have cried!!  So it got stuffed into a bag and packed up into the attic in January. :(

This year I was DETERMINED I would get it fixed and hung!

Here it is hanging on my mirror in my dining room! DSC_0081

I love the red, green, and brown together! 


My Christmas dishes have red and green in them and the brown ties in with the brown walls.



Ready to make yours?  Here are some great examples from blogland:

Tidy Mom made this one from Dollar Store ornaments!

Love Centsational Girls’s wreath!

cg mantel mirror

So if you can be patient :), wait until AFTER Christmas this year and pick up super cheap ornaments to make a wreath for next year.  If you just can’t wait, head to the Dollar Tree or the Dollar spot at Target for some cheap ornaments to make your wreath.  :)

(Stay tuned because I am working on a post on all the different ways you can use ornaments to decorate around the house.  I am at 7 different ways so far (and no tree is involved!  Did you see one of the ways in one of my pictures above? :)


  1. I love your wreath!! I'm still working on lots of my Christmas decor, so haven't had time to blog about it! Hopefully I will before Christmas rolls around!

    Btw, I was reading a post about free photo cards for bloggers on and one of the "sample" cards, looks like you and your hubby!! I was looking on my phone at the time, so maybe it isn't but it sure looks like it!!

  2. Omg, that's what I get for commenting about something I looked at 3am this morning while feeding my baby! It was on your page, lol! I was reading my google feed with all the posts mixed together! Ha! Totally ignore this sleep deprived mama!

  3. nikmbarker@gmail.comDecember 9, 2010 at 9:49 AM

    So pretty! I was just looking at my mantle thinking it needed something on my mirror - enter your ideas! : ) Can't wait to give it a try! Thanks! oh, and I saw you put some ornaments in a three tiered dish in your dining room! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  4. The wreath is just so unbelievably pretty! It just screams Christmas! And it just is just perfect hanging on the mirror, really. I'm not the craftiest person ever but I would like to have something like that at home - is it possible to buy a similar wreath somewhere? I don't think I have ever seen it in any store.

  5. Elli,

    I have not seen them for sale anywhere either. Although I have heard of people finding them at Goodwill or maybe a TJMaxx type of store.

    Just be brave and make your own - you can do it!! :) Then share your pictures with me!


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